Tech Tips With Ron The Interior Guy - Carpets



Street Rodders Unite today to discuss how to’s on installing carpet in your street rod.

Most carpets today come in 2 piece sections, the front half and the back half.  The seam or binding that separates the two pieces runs side to side just under the front seats.

The first step is to completely remove the old one and prep the floor-pan so no rust can get in there and pop it up.

The installation starts with installing the rear section first.  The carpet should be molded and fit in very nice. Start fitting the hump or drive shaft tunnel area first.  Attach any seat belt hardware and belts and mark the holes with chalk where the seat bolts will mount (DO NOT TRIM THE PERIMETER EDGE OF THE CARPET YET). Only the seat belt holes should be cut.

Install the front section starting with the inner tunnel area near the gas pedal and on the passenger side same area.  Fold the front edge back towards the middle of the car to give you some ease in installation. Make sure all shifter hardware if any is removed.

Install the tunnel area first just like you did with the rear section. Install the console and shifter hardware if needed.

The firewall section will be the next to tackle.  Trim around the steering wheel, gas pedal and vent boxes etc. You know all that unsightly stuff under the dash.  A new sharp razor blade will help in this area.

Next will be the kick panel areas.  Trim these areas, be careful to leave extra to tuck under the kick panels.  We do not want to see any floor pan steel when we are finished.

Install the seats front and back then trim the the rocker areas and sill plates.

Remember installing the seats will draw the carpet in a little that’s why the rocker areas are last.  Measure twice and cut once.

Good Luck and call me if you are loosing the fight.


Ron the Carpet Fighter