Plymouth Roadrunner vs Dodge Super Bee

       If you get any classic car enthusiasts together you will no doubt soon hear a debate about which model stands out as the most iconic. Everyone certainly has their own favorite, even if the models are similar such as the Plymouth Road Runner and Dodge Super Bee. There is something to be said for that classic Plymouth upholstery and head-to-tail styling that makes it an unmistakable classic. That said, the Dodge Super Bee has a flair and spirit that has made it a perennial favorite among people who love to drive, restore, and show classic cars.


Which classic comes out on top:  The Roadrunner or the Super Bee?

Plymouth Roadrunner
First introduced in 1968, this long low muscle car grabbed attention throughout the United States. The wide front end, muscular back end, and gracefully sloping hood gives it an unmistakable profile; this body inspired many other US car manufacturers to transition from the boxier models that dominated the market in the early 1960s to the leaner, tougher bodies that characterized the late 1960s and early 1970s.
As the name might suggest, the classic Road Runner character from Warner Brothers cartoons was actually an important part of this car’s legacy. The Road Runner’s name, image, and unmistakable “beep beep!” were all licensed by Warner Brothers to the car company. A small image of the cartoon bird appeared on the vehicle’s body, a playful touch that collectors still look for.


Dodge Super Bee
For many muscle car fans, there is nothing more iconic than a Dodge vehicle from the late 1960s and early 1970s. The Super Bee hit the market the same year as the Road Runner and challenged the instant appeal of the Plymouth vehicle. Although at first glance the two cars might seem similar, there are several features that set the Super Bee apart:
?     It had a slightly heavier overall weight
?     The Dodge boasted larger rear wheel openings
?     Drivers loved the taillight ornamentation
?     The decorative grilles made it a hit with custom designers
?     Iconic die-cast chrome Bee medallions were featured on the body
Collectors are especially interested in Super Bee vehicles with the special medallions, which were present on the car only during the first three years of production. Like the cartoon Road Runner included on the Plymouth, these little touches enhance their desirability among serious collectors.

Here at Legendary Auto Interiors we bring new life to classic Dodge and Plymouth upholstery and all the other details that make these two timeless vehicles such close rivals for top spot. As a result, we like to explore the differences between them. Let’s take a brief look at the differences between Plymouth Road Runner and Dodge Super Bee.


What Do You Think?
The ongoing debate between fans of the Dodge Super Bee and fans of the Plymouth Road Runner will probably never be conclusively decided. The team at Legendary Auto Interiors works hard to make sure both camps receive the care and attention that both cars deserve. Contact us today to discuss original or custom vehicle interiors for your favorite classic cars.