The Classic Car Features We Miss The Most

       Heated seats. Entertainment systems. Back-up Cameras. Twice as many cup holders than people a vehicle was designed to accommodate… Today’s auto features are all about making the drive more comfortable. When you’re in the middle of a 10-hour road trip, these features seem like they were inspired from heaven above. Yet let’s be honest: they really don’t add much to a drive to the store or your daily commute.


When Driving Was an Experience, Not a Chore

There was a time when vehicles were designed to do much more than simply carry drivers and their passengers from Point A to B. Rather, the emphasis was on turning driving into an experience, one that reflected both your personality and your status. This was a much more fun-loving time, when people weren’t afraid to put a little of who they were into everything that they did. That attitude led to the introduction of some truly amazing vehicle features, some of which most classic car enthusiasts would love to have reintroduced into vehicles again. These include:


  • Hood ornaments: Like the figureheads on classic wooden schooners and ships, hood ornaments used to proclaim the presence of vehicles and their drivers to those on the roads around them. Over the years, designers have opted to replace them with corporate logos embedded into grills. Yet one can only imagine the types of hood ornaments that today’s creative thinkers could come up with.


  • Tail fins: We may have given up going to the moon as a society, yet that doesn’t mean our obsession with rockets has decreased. Tail fins made a car truly look like a space-age vehicle. If only cars could be used to set our collective sights on the stars once again.


  • Vinyl interiors: While today’s seat upholstery seems to be designed to make you feel like you’re back in bed, vinyl bench seats made you feel as though you’re off on an adventure. Perhaps that’s because they stir up memories of riding the school bus on the way to learn new things, or because they feel just like the seats on classic carnival roller coasters.


  • Wood paneling: While wood paneling is often included in the interior design of luxury trim packages, who wouldn’t want to go back to days of seeing it on the outside of your car door panel?


  • Chrome finishes: One word: shiny.


By helping to outfit restored vehicles with classic car upholstery or other custom features, our team at Legendary Auto Interiors can help turn the task of driving back into the experience that it was always meant to be. Isn’t it about time you enjoyed getting behind the wheel again? Contact us for more information on the restorative products that we have to offer, and you’ll see for yourself how we can breathe life back into any classic-age vehicle.