The Best Classic Cars of All Time

       Take a drive today and you’re bound to be surrounded by minivans and SUVs carrying soccer moms and their crews back and forth from event to event, or green vehicles transporting eco-conscious travelers to their next activist meeting. It’s enough to make any classic car enthusiast pine for days when practicality and public policy were noticeably absent from the auto industry – the days when the only thing on the minds of auto designers was how to make their creations look better and go faster.

Classic Vehicles Are Out There Waiting To Be Restored

Imagine unleashing such a vehicle on the streets today. Better yet, why not skip the imagining and restore one of these beauties yourself? You’d be amazed at just how many salvage yards and boarded-up garages across the country contain classic-era vehicles just waiting to be restored to their original glory. Most of these classics simply need some new seat upholstery here, or a new car door panel there to get back to looking like they did in circa-1970’s showrooms. Throw on a fresh coat of paint, and you’ve got yourself a genuine American treasure that can rival anything on the road today.

Examining the All-Time Greats

Whether you’re a pro or a novice, almost anyone can agree that when it comes to restoring a classic car, it’s best to go with the proven favorites. You’ll find more resources available to assist in your restoration, yet still enough custom providers to allow you to add your own unique stamp to your vehicle. When considering the best classic cars of all time, does your list include the following?:

Plymouth Road Runner Hemi:

Like its cartoon counterpart, the Road Runner is known for its familiar “beep-beep.” Its 425 horsepower Hemi V8 engine gives it comic strip-style power right here in the real world.

Buick GSX Stage 1

Known for its luxury cars, Buick may seem to be a surprise entry on this list. Yet by 1970, with an available Gran Sport 455 cubic inch V8 engine and Stage 1 tuning, the GSX cemented its place amongst the greatest vehicles of all time.

Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda

A truly exceptional find, the Barracuda was made available in limited release in the 70s. Boasting a dual-carburetor Hemi V8, this car can compete with anything on four wheels made prior to 1970 or since.

Pontiac GTO

No list of classic cars is complete without at least a mention of the GTO. An absolute favorite among classic car restorations, this vehicle truly is an American legend.

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

While current models still remain popular today, almost everyone agrees that the Camaro’s Golden Era was in 1969, when its specially-designed 427 V8 engine (outfitted with a special aluminum block) rocketed dragsters down America’s Main Streets and flood canals.

With help from Legendary Auto Interiors to provide classic car upholstery and other restorative services, you can make any classic vehicle look even better than it did back in its heyday. Contact us anytime to learn more about our services.