Fast Facts According To Ridley - 1964 Pontiac GTO/LeMans Black Interior

       Did you know that the 1964 GTO/Lemans Black Interiors were the only GM A-Body platform models that used (2) different grain textures on the interior???


It’s true.  All Buick, Oldsmobile and Chevrolet A-Body platform models (this includes: Skylark, Cutlass/442, Chevelle/Malibu/El Camino) used what is known as “Seville” grain (Legendary Auto Interiors “Seville ‘A’ grain) on their interiors regardless of color.  Pontiac on the other hand mixed things up.  In their GTO/Lemans line, Pontiac used this same “Seville” grain only on the Blue, Saddle, Red, Aqua and Parchment White interiors. All black interior GTO/Lemans used what we here at Legendary Auto Interiors refer to as “Seville B” grain.  This grain has a smoother texture vs. the coarseness of the “Seville” grain. (See reference below)


Pontiac enthusiasts will be happy to know that we are the only manufacturer of interior soft trim that makes the GTO/LeMans black interiors correctly for your restoration.  Next time you at a car show and spot and black interior 64 GTO or LeMans take a look for yourself and you will see that “There Really Is A Difference.”