Q: Who do I contact for Technical Support on Legendary Auto Interiors products?
A: We encourage you to contact our Technical Support Team by email 24 hours a day at technical support, is available 8 hours per day by telephone from 8:00AM-4:00PM EST at Ph: 1-800-363-8804 Ext. 213

 Q: Do you have a Trim Shop and do installations?
A: Yes, Legendary Auto Interiors does have a full service in house Trim Shop. We provide world class installation services on vehicles as well as individual items. These items may be dropped off or shipped to us directly.
For more information please call for details. Ph: 1-800-363-8804

Q: What is the thickness/weight of your vinyl?  
A:  In order to secure the best possible grains and color matches, Legendary uses several key quality suppliers. Most of our vinyl weighs between 32-36oz depending upon application, cloth backing, expansion and supplier. In addition, all Legendary vinyl meets Flammability Code Standards FMVSS302 

Q: Is your upholstery easy to install? 
A: Due to the varying skill set of our customers and enthusiasts this question is difficult to answer. Our sewn products are made with expanded vinyl which is much easier to handle and work with during the installation process.  For additional installation tips, tricks, and techniques please refer to our You Tube installation videos as well as our Technical Support department at Ph: 1-800-363-8804 Ext 213 or tech@legendaryautointeriors.com 

Q: I have just recently purchased upholstery from your company and I am looking to install the covers myself. Do you have instructions on how to do this? Do you know what tools I might need?
A:  Thank you for your purchase from Legendary Auto Interiors. Install instructions are included in your shipment and are available to print from our website. You can also utilize Legendary’s YouTube videos that include Tools & Materials, Tear down, and Installation of your upholstery on our website. If you have any further questions, we encourage you to contact our Technical Support department at Ph: 1-800-363-8804 ext.213 or tech@legendaryautointeriors.com 

Q: How do I maintain my new upholstery that I have purchased? 
A: All Legendary Auto Interiors, Ltd. products may be cleaned with a mild soap and warm water solution. Never scrub or use any kind of harsh pads, brushes or detergents. After cleaning with mild soap and water, lightly clean again with an industrial grade wax and grease remover. (Contact your local auto parts store.) Allow surface to dry. LIGHTLY mist with the vinyl protectant of your choice not exposed to sun light.  On leather upholstery applications we recommend using a high-quality mink oil, neatsfoot oil and/or leather wax. Hand apply, let stand 30-60 minutes and then wipe/buff clean. DO NOT USE SILICONE BASED PRODUCTS as they will deteriorate the thread and dry out the leather.

Q: If I buy my seat covers now and my door panels at a later date, will they match?
A: Legendary does it’s very best to maintain that all dye lots will be matched as closely as possible. Due to the nature of the color matching process it is impossible to guarantee an exact match. For this reason, Legendary Auto Interiors, Ltd. strongly recommends that all items are ordered at the same time. 

Q: I have product(s) which I suspect may have flaws. What do I do? 
A: In the unlikely event that you receive product that has any flaws contact a Legendary team member. Pictures of the product or defective flawed area will be requested along with warranty tag information. This will help to expedite the process and resolve the issue quickly. Be advised that all returns require an RMA (return merchandise authorization) number. Any product returned without an RMA number will be refused.

Q: How many clips does my Door panel or hood pad require? 
A: Depending on many variables such as year, make, model and style we've compiled a spreadsheet for you to easily find the answer to this common query.

If you have questions regarding installation or other technical issues for our products please email
our technical support department. One of our highly trained support representatives will respond in
1-2 business days.