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Top 5 Classic GM Cars to Restore


5 Best Classic Chrysler/Mopar Cars to Restore

Are your weekends (and the occasional weeknight) free for the next few months? Do you need a project that will keep your butt off the couch and your creativity challenged? Why not finally make good on that promise you made to yourself so many years ago? Transport that classic muscle car from the posters that adorned your room as a teen into your garage!..Read More
Few things can get your creative juices flowing more than a classic car restoration project. You may think that you simply don’t have the time to tackle such a challenge. Yet with the investment potential that these babies offer (not to mention the ego boost you’ll get from having the absolute sweetest ride on the block), how can you afford not to take advantage of such an opportunity?..Read More

Best Practices for Classic Auto Interior Restoration


1970 Challenger vs 1970 Cuda:  What's the Difference? 

Congratulations! You’ve finally made good on that promise you swore to yourself back in high school body shop class to one day make a classic muscle car your own. Now that you’ve got the car in your garage, what’s next? Well, there’s the mechanical work needed to get it running again (that is, if it doesn’t already), and then the time and money needed to restore the interior to its original showroom quality..Read More
To your average Joe, telling one classic muscle car apart from the other may be next to impossible. We’ve all heard stories told by people looking to impress an audience by swearing their neighbor owns a mint-condition 1964 Mustang. Or was it a Corvair? Or was it a Camaro? You might have been able to throw a Model T out there for consideration and seen that get some serious contemplation...Read More

The Oldsmobile 442 W-30


Classic Car Restoration How-To:

Classic car enthusiasts are no doubt familiar with Oldsmobile Cutlass, the brand’s flagship vehicle through the 70s and 80s. Then there’s the world-renowned Toronado, which at the time of its release held the title of the most powerful front-wheel-drive car ever made. Yet if you really want to experience the best that the brand has to offer, look no further than the 1970 Oldsmobile 442...Read More
So your dream of a classic car restoration is now sitting pretty in your garage. After the shock of you being a mere restoration project away from absolutely owning your neighborhood roads abates, you’re now left with a simple question: Now what? Keep in mind that the average circa 1960s car has over 8,000 component parts. Each of those will need to be individually removed, inspected, and restored or replaced...Read More

 Choosing Classic Car Door Panels


 Plymouth Roadrunner vs Dodge Superbee

Door panel installation is an important step in your classic car’s interior restoration process. Whether you want to fit your vintage General Motors muscle car with replacement car door panels or create a custom interior for your AMC Javelin, choose a look that both complements the vehicle and increases its appeal.  This guide serves to help you make informed choices during your door panel restoration, from purchasing to installation..Read More
If you get any classic car enthusiasts together you will no doubt soon hear a debate about which model stands out as the most iconic. Everyone certainly has their own favorite, even if the models are similar such as the Plymouth Road Runner and Dodge Super Bee. There is something to be said for that classic Plymouth upholstery and head-to-tail styling that makes it an unmistakable classic..Read More

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